BlueSharkRDV4 with BT Addon

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BlueSharkRDV4 with BT Addon, USB BT Stick

This is the BT Addon with USB BT Computer Stick version!

Do not buy this product if you do not own a Proxmark3 Rdv4.0. It is not compatible with other Proxmark3. Use with our RRG official firmware for optimal usage. Why use the Proxmark3 Rdv4.0 with wire when you can use it without it? With our new BT add-on, you can run the Proxmark3 Rdv4.0 on full client comms. Use with our RRG official firmware for optimal usage. FEATURES · Built-in Bluetooth 2.0 with EDR Bluetooth module, the default baud rate 115200. · Additional heat dissipating fins can significantly reduce the temperature when the HF antenna keep On for a long time. · Complete lithium charging management system, seamless switching power supply. Full overcharge and over-discharge protection. · Bluetooth has an independent power switch that can be turned on or off. ·

It’s compact and easy to carry. The clamp structure is easy to install and replace. Easily connect to Bluetooth mobile phone, portable computer, etc. Without USB cable and complicated ROOT and Driver settings. the built-in battery can support stand along with mode, off-line sniffing, off-line reading&simulation, etc. And the temperature of the device is stable. Parameters (1) Battery capacity: 400 mAh (2) Standby time: 3.5h@StandBy; 2.9h@LF-On; 50min@HF-On; (3) Charging Current: 200mA (Plugin USB Default Charging) (4) Charging time: 2.5h (5) Bluetooth power: 4dBm, -85 dBm@2Mbps (6) Bluetooth distance: 6m (depending on the environment and device orientation) (7) Size and weight: 54.4mm*29.4mm*13.5mm 24g Only work with your computer if you have built-in Bluetooth. If not, you have to buy a BT USB stick to work with it.